Songs from the Grave

bad b-sides and lost singles - Songs from the Grave

In this episode, we traverse a triage of old songs that never made the cut. These guys were junked because of shoddy recording, poor musicianship or downright stupid songwriting and dumb lyricism. 

Oh believe me that there are gaggles upon hordes upon mobs upon confluences of other tracks that I'm not sure why the [embarrassment] of having not only thought of the idea but then had gone ahead and actually brought the particular twisted, deranged, and mutated dingleberry into reality by recording it and not immediately annihilating it into oblivion never to be witnesses my anyone ever; did not take over with fervor. But yeah ok, these ones somehow have made it to this podcast intact. I think it is because I still find some sort of spark in them and felt like it was a waste to just throw them out. I might as well just lower them to podcast status instead of ever thinking about albuming them in any way. I’m already way guilty of overdoing it. These are sketches of songs and experiments. They are quick numbers that I would whip out in an hour. They had problems that never went away. They became lost souls. This album is pretty noisy and lo-fi. Dig this peek into the musical mind of an unfocused, un-adulterated and fraggled degenerate as he paves his way towards sonic depth and intergalactic poetic growth. If this was a stage in mankind, it would be...Homo Erectus

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome...  Songs from the Grave