Can Kicker - a 2012 Album

1. These are the old Rooney’s Lodgecast audio and text intros. I will just leave them here too}

2. I was riffin with experimental delivery methods and styles back then. I’m still just as lost & I cringe now when swears happen. I thought this was hilarious at the time but now it does seem kinda weird. If not a bit messed up. Which I am fine with. I’m hoping episode 100 will finally reveal the Genius within.

3. I realize Bufo Alvarius is not a frog and that mentioning 5meo-dmt in 2012 is cooler than it feels now. I plea Artistic License!! Frog Licker sounds nicer than toad muncher. I also realize that the crackhead skit about smoking it was pretty tasteless amidst its ok funniness. oops again.

{Welcome to the pre-release sneak peak of unfinished songs from the album Can me. Not sure when this will be done but the skeletons are there. This is pre-Faultline mixing versions of the tunes. I plan to return to Faultline Studios in San Francisco and mix with those dudes. keeping in mind, these songs all need new vocals, horn parts, solos, pianos, synths, back-ups, percussion, guest spots, sound effects, tape run throughs and speed variations...etc. etc.

ANyways, here it is. The thoughts on the songs. This one is kind of scary because it's so new. It has not had time to sit on my shelves for 10 years like the last 8 albums. It feels a bit raw. Sometimes I listen to it and cringe balls, while other times I'm pretty satisfied with the collections of sounds I've arrange and feel like there is a ton of potential there for a good album.

The protagonist of the album is a street individual that seems to be in contact with some type of other. He’s a lost Shaman.

This is Can Kicker's musical.}