1993 4-track songs with descriptions

This incredibly juvenile music is the very beginning. On this episode of a past Rooney's Lodgecast, we harken back to very old school Brice Frillici music.

WARNING: This music is kinda stupid and it’s questionable to even posting it. Same as the last episode. Why? WHy? ok, screw it. I don't really care how shitty they are, they make me laugh.

'your buns' was the first song I ever wrote and it kicks off this podcast album. It was about my first girlfriend's butt. Next, I go on a rant about my landlord at the time whose name was Bill Kozak. He was awful and used to threaten our lives. He eventually evicted us from Kozakistan and we all dissipated around Madison, WI. (awe, my first eviction) It was never the same. So this song sort of reclaims some form of control over the situation as it fantasizes about taking a bunch of bat swings at his car for revenge.

Kozak comes up again later in the album with a sped up little diddy simply reminding the listener that "we don't like him", "he's is crazy" and "pay him money, we don't like to do...that cheapskate" etc. Next up we got 'hat head'. A song all about when you wear a hat too long and it screws up your hair. Glen Hatfield on bass. Thanks, baby! 'my real birthday' is an uncomfortable song about my actual birth and how I didn't really want to come out. This song embarrasses me more than any other on the podcast. 'all alone in my room' is about sitting alone in my room all full of stuff thinking about how a girlfriend is gonna break up with me. 'slap the horny neighbor' was a collaboration with Mark Mager at 305 East Johnson in Madison. Mager was a genius. Pepe, Dan Swan's Dog Pepe is probably still alive today but is like 90. Anyways, Dan saved Pepe from a shitty owner and gave him a great life. Pepe was in our college band Creature Custard (vocals) but soon got replaced by Jim Bruss due to a lack of potty training. 'un rat' was an exploration in world music. 'Mike and his pals' was a story about a bar fight in Montana starring Mike Horneman. 'human knife' was an actual interaction I had with a street person in Madison. 'I'm in the middle of something' is a song about a girl interrupting my songwriting genius and how I had to write a song about it after it happened just because I was such a genius at the time. 'shoot myself in the foot' is a creepy Tom Waits copycat number about a break-up scenario. I also performed it in front of an acting class of 30 people in deadpan thespian tongue slowly while improv dancing.

Ok, so now I can really put these things in a folder and never open that folder again. There is nothing more I can possibly mine from my past musical transgressions. This is the best of the beginning, the best of the worst. I guess if you can see the directions of my current projects, it may be interesting to hear the art in its infancy and to understand an unsupervised young misguided creatively stoned and caffeinated brain.

Sometimes even I wonder what it's all about.