1993 4-track songs with descriptions

This incredibly juvenile music is the very beginning. On this episode of a past Rooney's Lodgecast, we harken back to very old school Brice Frillici music.

WARNING: This music is kinda stupid and it’s questionable to even posting it. Same as the last episode. Why? WHy? ok, screw it. I don't really care how shitty they are, they make me laugh.

'your buns' was the first song I ever wrote and it kicks off this podcast album. It was about my first girlfriend's butt. Next, I go on a rant about my landlord at the time whose name was Bill Kozak. He was awful and used to threaten our lives. He eventually evicted us from Kozakistan and we all dissipated around Madison, WI. (awe, my first eviction) It was never the same. So this song sort of reclaims some form of control over the situation as it fantasizes about taking a bunch of bat swings at his car for revenge.

Kozak comes up again later in the album with a sped up little diddy simply reminding the listener that "we don't like him", "he's is crazy" and "pay him money, we don't like to do...that cheapskate" etc. Next up we got 'hat head'. A song all about when you wear a hat too long and it screws up your hair. Glen Hatfield on bass. Thanks, baby! 'my real birthday' is an uncomfortable song about my actual birth and how I didn't really want to come out. This song embarrasses me more than any other on the podcast. 'all alone in my room' is about sitting alone in my room all full of stuff thinking about how a girlfriend is gonna break up with me. 'slap the horny neighbor' was a collaboration with Mark Mager at 305 East Johnson in Madison. Mager was a genius. Pepe, Dan Swan's Dog Pepe is probably still alive today but is like 90. Anyways, Dan saved Pepe from a shitty owner and gave him a great life. Pepe was in our college band Creature Custard (vocals) but soon got replaced by Jim Bruss due to a lack of potty training. 'un rat' was an exploration in world music. 'Mike and his pals' was a story about a bar fight in Montana starring Mike Horneman. 'human knife' was an actual interaction I had with a street person in Madison. 'I'm in the middle of something' is a song about a girl interrupting my songwriting genius and how I had to write a song about it after it happened just because I was such a genius at the time. 'shoot myself in the foot' is a creepy Tom Waits copycat number about a break-up scenario. I also performed it in front of an acting class of 30 people in deadpan thespian tongue slowly while improv dancing.

Ok, so now I can really put these things in a folder and never open that folder again. There is nothing more I can possibly mine from my past musical transgressions. This is the best of the beginning, the best of the worst. I guess if you can see the directions of my current projects, it may be interesting to hear the art in its infancy and to understand an unsupervised young misguided creatively stoned and caffeinated brain.

Sometimes even I wonder what it's all about.

Can Kicker - a 2012 Album

1. These are the old Rooney’s Lodgecast audio and text intros. I will just leave them here too}

2. I was riffin with experimental delivery methods and styles back then. I’m still just as lost & I cringe now when swears happen. I thought this was hilarious at the time but now it does seem kinda weird. If not a bit messed up. Which I am fine with. I’m hoping episode 100 will finally reveal the Genius within.

3. I realize Bufo Alvarius is not a frog and that mentioning 5meo-dmt in 2012 is cooler than it feels now. I plea Artistic License!! Frog Licker sounds nicer than toad muncher. I also realize that the crackhead skit about smoking it was pretty tasteless amidst its ok funniness. oops again.

{Welcome to the pre-release sneak peak of unfinished songs from the album Can Kicker...by me. Not sure when this will be done but the skeletons are there. This is pre-Faultline mixing versions of the tunes. I plan to return to Faultline Studios in San Francisco and mix with those dudes. keeping in mind, these songs all need new vocals, horn parts, solos, pianos, synths, back-ups, percussion, guest spots, sound effects, tape run throughs and speed variations...etc. etc.

ANyways, here it is. The thoughts on the songs. This one is kind of scary because it's so new. It has not had time to sit on my shelves for 10 years like the last 8 albums. It feels a bit raw. Sometimes I listen to it and cringe balls, while other times I'm pretty satisfied with the collections of sounds I've arrange and feel like there is a ton of potential there for a good album.

The protagonist of the album is a street individual that seems to be in contact with some type of other. He’s a lost Shaman.

This is Can Kicker's musical.}

Guitar Luv - a 1992 student film soundtrack


This is film school Madison, WI 1992.

Here is the theme music I made for a video project.

I used a yamaha 4-track recording device to make the stuff.

The end result was an embarrassing failure of a video and I hope there are no copies of that anywhere on this earth…including any in my possession.

But I still kinda like the music. So here is that.

It also includes a somewhat sad but funny story about a real life ferret.

Forgot his name. Let's say he was Dale the ferret. Dale.

Songs from the Grave

bad b-sides and lost singles - Songs from the Grave

In this episode, we traverse a triage of old songs that never made the cut. These guys were junked because of shoddy recording, poor musicianship or downright stupid songwriting and dumb lyricism. 

Oh believe me that there are gaggles upon hordes upon mobs upon confluences of other tracks that I'm not sure why the [embarrassment] of having not only thought of the idea but then had gone ahead and actually brought the particular twisted, deranged, and mutated dingleberry into reality by recording it and not immediately annihilating it into oblivion never to be witnesses my anyone ever; did not take over with fervor. But yeah ok, these ones somehow have made it to this podcast intact. I think it is because I still find some sort of spark in them and felt like it was a waste to just throw them out. I might as well just lower them to podcast status instead of ever thinking about albuming them in any way. I’m already way guilty of overdoing it. These are sketches of songs and experiments. They are quick numbers that I would whip out in an hour. They had problems that never went away. They became lost souls. This album is pretty noisy and lo-fi. Dig this peek into the musical mind of an unfocused, un-adulterated and fraggled degenerate as he paves his way towards sonic depth and intergalactic poetic growth. If this was a stage in mankind, it would be...Homo Erectus

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome...  Songs from the Grave

Ryan's Foreword with Music!

This performance is by Ryan Cartwrite. He also wrote the foreword to book three of a trilogy of books, SEKDEK Darken Quarry.

Dig the new Sekdek Podcast. It is filled with Meta joy, behind the scenes messery and audio bits. Join as we shed the skin of the previously damaged and deranged 45 episodes of Rooney’s Lodgecast. R.I.P. And start a new way of creativity and fun sharing. Let’s hash this out together! By we I mean me. And the voices. And you. Us. Cheers enjoy.