SEKDEK is one of many art and music projects I am trying to cultivate. I am here to ask for ADVICE as well as any contribution you may feel appropriate. I put all of my meager earnings towards this project as well as all of my others. I can only hope that this effort helps people in some way feel better about the world they live in. I realize that it is unwise for a person to forget about their financial future. To throw in all their chips. To hope that the universe will reward them for their efforts. To follow their instinct in the face of economic collapse against most rational thought and behaviors. To sacrifice the occasional goat to appease the gods of paint and glittergore. (no goats were harmed during this project or any other) This is irresponsible behavior. And I am somewhat selfish to even ask... but I am asking in the name of beauty and inspiration. This is also important in our crazy culture. If it wasn't for all these people willing to get messy and help create this weird imagery and music, the world would be...fine....but also a little bit less fun. Just a little bit. If I can declare that as truth now as I type this. I, Brice Frillici, hereby declare this statement as truth. There. Now it is legal.

Any ADVICE on anything related to this project and it's continuation and progress would be greatly appreciated as well. As would any actual paper. If you got it and want to keep this crazy dream alive.
Bring more SEKDEK shirt designs, bigger prints, fantastic fabrics, paint supplies, camera gear, merch, more photo shoots, books to print. set constructions, etc. Bring it all please. You won’t be disappointed with my results. I will make it weird.

Needless to say, all paper will go directly to this project alone. Click the Donate button for amount suggestions and details of fund usage. Thanks buds.