I am a multimedia artist. I make genre hopping experimental bedroom doom pop noise music, tons of images and video for my Sekdek project and I’m a woodworker guy too. It’s all the same to me. All for fun. The music is sometimes listenable, the furniture is usable and viewable and the art is crazy. Generally, I like to showcase stuff. It’s an unhealthy obsession. But it is what it is, it exists, it’s here for you now, and maybe some of it is cool.

Sekdek is a collaborative project consisting of a series of fantastically colorful, expressive & psychedelically gory sculptured head and torso images/video installations that were caught using an expressionistic painting/messy visual chaos technique that includes throwing, spreading clay, acrylic paint, glitter, fake blood, wigs, fabrics and flour etc.. all over the place. Fun to do and catching to the eye.

These artists have directly inspired the project

Olivier de Sagazan, Cindy Sherman, Mathew Barney, Bjork, Charlie White, Patricia Piccinini, H. R. Giger, Where the Wild Things Are, Little Monsters, Evil Dead, Nightbreed, They Live, The Dark Crystal (old as well as the new versions), Naked Lunch, Aliens, Bladerunner, Evil Dead, Mad Magazine, Heavy Metal, Cracked, Frank Frazetta, H. R. Giger, Moebius, R. Crumb, Clay Wilson, Irving Normand, Joe Coleman, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Toshihiko Ikeda, Jake Fried, Ray Harryhausen, Max Hattler, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: A Family Portrait), Jim Henson, Fraggle Rock, Fangoria Magazine, Gwar, Jörg Buttgereit, Sam Raimi, George Romero, John Carpenter, Rob Zombie, David Lynch, Wes Craven, Ronnie Bronstein, David Cronenberg, The Philosophy of Horror: Paradoxes of the Heart by Noel Carroll, Tribal and indigenous iconography, Thee WWF, and everything else that has ever inspired Sekdek. It all has. Life, art, imagination, feelings, catastrophe and miracle.

I’ll skip the musical influences for now. They are almost too many to list and they are diverse in styles and inspired from different directions. I don’t have a favorite color either. 

I credit all to the the mentioned artists as well as a tons of others. I also credit all the art I have ever seen and music I have ever listened to. And every person I have come into any kind of contact with, as you have unwittingly helped craft me into whatever kind of human I am. I thank all the darkness in my life as it probably helps me clarify it’s beautiful and horrible existence into usefully beautiful sound and image. I thank all lightness for it’s boundless goodness and generosity and for granting us all the life we share now in these moments of infinity. I also credit everything that has ever happened to me as well as everything that has ever happened in the universe throughout time and space. As it will happen again and again forever and ever.

Convoluted? Get used to it. Be glad I’m not a writer cause I would suck at that too.

the Sekdek models and participating artists

Brice Frillici, Chrissie Six, Andrea Bishop, Carole Acuna, Chris Holleran, Erin Fribichelli, Marshall Frumbaluchi, Justin Berthiaume, Merkley, Michelle Youngstrom, Nicole Mcfeely, Pietro Straccia, Rachel Hoiem, Sam Solano, Lee Sayer, Tenka Kariya, Sarah Eileen, Natalie Nelson, Akilah Ayanna, Tyler Snow, Melony Iris, Jessy Dawson, Jonathan Hyslop, Tora Fujimoto, Naoko Nozowa, Racheal Long, Dan Nazarian, Nicolai Cranium, Lisa Light, Ryan Cartwright, Heather Holton, James Morales, Todd Steele, Phil Becker, Johnathan Gonzalaz, Jorge Rodriguez, Shannon Harney, Branden Reim, Chase Hamilton, Holly Maclean, Devon Athey, Trevor Alexander True, Sean Eiserne Drossel Twomey, Phil Manly, Clay Baker, Marcus Bower, Mikel Ross, Tori Seller, Kelli Bratvold, Christopher Wilson, Nate Budroe, Nate Rowley, Mark Weiler, Mike Pynch, Saturn Jones, Jillian Gnarling, Scott Hatch, Krista Miloslavich, Adrian Lee, Lija Kukle, Jane Wiedlin, Racheal Marie Simeone, Donny Newenhouse, Gregory Downing, Sean Grange, Chris Hutnik, and Jennifer Ivanovitch 

I would like to thank all the people who collaborated with me on this project. It is hard to pinpoint what you have all done exactly because everyone has done so much and so many different things to help make these images come alive. It is a true collaboration. I think because it is all just so fk’n fun, …it is just easy to do, so you all just do it no problem. Like, it sure beats a night home with Netflix eh?

Special thanks to Chrissie Dieu for doing tons of the photography and helping design and amazetize the models. Prolly the most helpful person during this entire thing. You helped get things out there into the public eye with your crazy distribution skillz as well as with the conceptualizing, planning, and with a hands-on approach. 

Phil Becker is Thee silent Producer of all this work. Phil helped me print 300+ 16x19 color prints which is no small task. He is also a super cool character in the shots. His piercingly cold blue eyes make it easy and his silly personality works great in these. You can see it shine through. You are BIW!!!!! BIW!!!!! And you also inspire songs. And hats off to Terry Gross (your band) for the cool album cover art job and shoots.

Ryan Cartwright put it so well in the foreword he wrote for the book. Read it and be inspired. That was one of the nicest things anyone has done for me.Mman…to write that, was awesome of you Ryan. It’s also a doom-noise song now since you’d recorded yourself reading it and sent it to me upon my request.

Kelly Ambrose you have endured me for many years. I thank you for that as well as for writing the Darken Quarry foreword for me. It is perfectly odd and fitting to this installment. Since we met in 1993, I’ve always wanted to collaborate so that I could thank you in writing. Now I can finally die happy.

Good on ya, Jonny Venetti for involving me in the Katrano project and for coming over to shoot weirdness and for support. More to come.

Thank you Laura G for helping get this thing off the ground and for being the OG photographer and for understanding the project from the beginning and working easily with the process of conjuring these characters and for simultaneously laughing with it all. /// identity will remain encrypted per your request///

Kelli Brat, thank you for being a key component in helping to solidify the system that we utilized throughout the project. Your amazing craftswizzardship and help putting weird stuff in funny places made ok shots better than they could have ever been. And for being a grUvy monster.

Michelle Youngstrom, thank you also for rocking out with the sculpting and modeling. RIP. 

And Shawn Richmond, thanks for your eye molding techniques.

Pietro. You were very instrumental in helping excite the project and that was awesome when you hosted the Muse shoot and when we shot your videos for Elettrodomestico. ‘Rabbit Stew’ and ‘Bliss’ were so fun to make with you and Jane Weidlin’s new blinky pop project. I super appreciate your guys’ continued support. Your modeling speaks for itself. Bad-Ass. Also thanks for being cameraman when we needed you. 

Terrance! you deserve a mention as well for offering your suspension additions to the cause as well as your body for the upcoming bad lawyer series.

Thanks again Merkley for inspiring the grandeur of the project. And for the advice and positive vibes you gave me in general. And for being particularly colorful in your modeling and imagery.

Thanks, Jet Black for hanging and taking some great shots and helping make the art.

Melony! You let us use the heck out of those lights and cam gear and finally traded stuff so we could keep it all. so cool! And your images are hell of crazy good. 

Lee, thanks a lot for getting in there a bunch and making such amazing images. And Damn thanks for hooking me up with the Muse project for the video ‘Psycho’. That was a great experience to shoot with them and all you guys. You went above and beyond and put this stuff out there and got those guys interested. I appreciate it a lot. And thanks Tom Kirk! for shooting with us. We did a great shoot together and it was cool to be a part of the Muse world.

Dan Nazarian you were so cool to write me up a nice blog spot to pump the show. 

Branden Reim you maniac. Thanks for all that great advice and help to get things out to the right people. And for the awesome ideas for the future of the thing.

Many of the models found their own monsters as well so thank you, all the models for getting properly freaky. Sometimes I wouldn’t have to touch people and they were already perfect. I cheat I cheat.

I raise my glass to the people who helped in the background with dry hand equipment operation, filming some behind the scenes stuff and doin' general non-messy tasks. 

You always need a clean guy. One like David Shendel works great. Thanks, David for capturing one of these magical sessions on vid. This footage will compile into the documentary for sure. It is amazing to look back and see this craziness. It holds up. You were the fly on the wall for sure.

Nicolai Cranium filmed a lot as well during the Muse shoot as did Tenkai. We got tons of great footage from those shoots. The Video aspect of this is in its infancy. Just you wait. Nicolai Cranium! You captured a LOT of crazy video. I very much appreciate that extra effort and driving down to deliver footage as well.

Thanks, gallery people Adrian Lee and Lija, Tenkai at your old warehouse, Micah LeBrun at 111Minna, James Morales, Hah Holton and Tiare Ribeaux at B4BEL4B, Leo Madrid at The American Steele Building & Melony Iris for setting up that holistic therapy office show. (we chose the tamest of the tame for that one)

Thanks, Mikel Ross at Hemlock Tavern. You facilitated my live performance that night and helped get the music side of things off the ground and running. Then you came, saw and modeled your ass off and we got lots of killer monsters!!

Kyle McGraw for engineering the SEKDEK album. Sounds prIT…ty good indeed.

CJ Lucero. for shooting amazing shots. That was the best camerawork. Your knowledge of photography and the directions you go with your work are inspiring and it was so cool to mix our different talents to get the shots. CJ was key in the Conan the Barbarian shots as well as capturing many many other classic shots including the Flyer for the 111 Minna show with Krista as the witch from The Ring. I think that pose was his idea. Nice.

Tenkai. Man, you really brought a lot to this project. First of all, you donated a Mac Pro to the cause and we were able to get a lot done with that extra computer. This has been invaluable to our output here at the studio. Also, you were the photographer many times and filmed a lot too during the Muse session and other times. Your modeling from the beginning was top notch and it set a very odd and extra playful tone for some of the imagery. I love them so much. And then you played music with me at those shows and contributed your talents and graced us with your new FluxusOne at the opening. All this matters so much. Thank you. 

Krista Miloslavich has been an integral part of our studio Bubblegore Productions. She is always participating and making cool art. She is an exceptionally easy person to shoot and knows how to bring whatever 'it' is. She has got it plus all this other stuff. One can't ask for more. Krista is the girl from ‘The Ring’ on the 111 Minna Flyer.

Remember when a bunch of you guys came and helped me mount like 60 of them onto those huuuuuuuuuge 5x10 foam core boards? That was awesome. 

Thanks, SFMoma, High Fructose, NPR, Beautiful Decay, Broke-ass Stuart and others for featuring some works on your sites.  

Lastly, I'd like to thank my family Judy, Marsh, Erin and Todd. You all have been very supportive throughout my life. Participating in the shots was so generous of you guys. Mom, you were so helpful during the shoot too. Wow.