I am a multi media artist interested in making a lot of music and artwork of all kinds. Mostly I take pictures and write albums. I also like to build furniture for myself and sometimes others. I make sculptures, draw and paint. I just like to create things because it makes me feel good and I like to inspire others. That makes me feel the best ever. I hope you enjoy my site. Thanks.

SEKDEK is a collaborative project consisting of a series of fantastically colorful, expressive & psychedelically gory sculptured head and torso images/video installations that were caught using an expressionistic painting/messy visual chaos technique that includes throwing, spreading and or spitting clay, acrylic paint, glitter, fake blood, wigs, fabrics and flour etc.. all over ourselves.

For years the images of Mathew Barney & Bjork, Charlie White, Patricia Piccinini, H. R. Giger, the beings in Where the Wild Things Are, that Howie Mandel movie Little Monsters, the dudes in Nightbreed, They Live, The Dark Crystal’s cutegore, Naked Lunch’s psychedelic rapture, Evil Dead’s comedic beats, Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s stark creepiness, Henson characters in general, Fangoria Magazine, Gwar... and the rich artistry of gore/horror art and make-up design have inspired me. Also directors Jörg Buttgereit, George Romero, John Carpenter, Rob Zombie, Ronnie Bronstein for his infectious charismatic artistic character and David Cronenberg. The book Philosophy of Horror: Paradoxes of the Heart was a great influence as well along with a class that I’d taken at UW Madison, WI. with the author Noel Carroll. It introduced me to a more thoughtful psychological window to peak through while assimilating this terribly influential material. And we re-watched and discussed all the classic horror films. It was great. Oh, and of course, all of the tribal Indigenous iconography I've seen throughout my life in National Geographic and documentaries. Oh And Thee WWF.

I also had this thing in college which some may remember, where I would put clear packing tape on my head and then spread black clown make-up on over that and add fake blood. A friend dubbed it Bloodwolf. The effect was a burn victim type fetish gear madness that I think I just kept doing on my free time here and there. I took this further with latex and more gore effects and would go out in public and act normal just to raise some eyebrow. Tape over the head was always good. Sometimes just tape over the mouth and then cutting a slit can be creepy enough to set off a few red flags. Once for a laugh, I went to the corner store to get beer all decked out in full torso bloodbath but I forgot my keys. Chaos ensued and as I was waiting for my roommate to get home to let me in, (pre-cell phone days) someone had called the ambulance. It was a mess trying to convince the paramedics I was ok. This type of real life blood situation was normalish for them so they seemed bummed that I wasn't actually hurt. Anyways, I did this mildly public self entertainment/irresponsible gag for either a few friends and for the laugh, or for the corner bar and a few shocked pedestrians on my way back into my apartment. I did it a bunch of times. And of course for about 13 Halloweens in a row. But save a few pictures, I never really made much of in it terms of any lasting art project.
So one day…heavily influenced by French performance artist Olivier de Sagazan after a watching his performance art scene in the movie 'Samsara' where he violently applies clay, dots and slashes of red and black paint and dust all over his suit, it inspired me to do something weird too.

I credit all to the the mentioned artists as well as a ton of others. I also credit all the art I have ever seen and music I have ever listened to. And every person I have come into any kind of contact with, as you have unwittingly helped craft me into whatever kind of human that stands before you now. I thank all the evil in my life as it probably helps me clarify it’s beautiful and horrible existence into useful sound and image. I thank all love for it’s boundless goodness and generosity and for granting us all the life we share now in this single moment of fracticular eternity. I also credit everything that has ever happened to me as well as everything that has ever happened in the universe throughout time and space. Thank you so much everyone that has done killer art and music because you made this stuff happen. As it will happen again and again forever and ever.